How do I get an appraisal?
Simply contact us to set up an appointment and one of our team of appraisers will meet with you at our Newport Beach office or at one of the jewelry stores that we visit (please check our event schedule for details).

Do I need to leave my items for appraisal?
All evaluations are done in plain view throughout the duration of your appointment. We do provide all clients the option of dropping off your item if it is convenient for you, where it will be stored in a high security safe until you return.

How long until I receive my appraisal?
Our current lead time to produce the final printed appraisal averages one week. Your appraiser will let you know during the appointment a more accurate time of delivery. Ask about PDF delivery for quickest delivery time.

When do I make payment for an appraisal/identification?
Payment is required prior to final documents being released and the work completed for that appraisal.

How much do appraisals cost?
Costs for appraisals vary according to the complexity of the item(s) being appraised. Fees are based on the time involved to accurately measure and grade all of the components of the item. The gemologist can give you a quote prior to beginning the appraisal. Appraisal fees are never derived from the appraised value of the item.

What type of items do we appraise?
We appraise all types of jewelry (including antique and vintage), loose diamonds and colored gems, diamond or gemstone parcels and collections, wristwatches and pocket watches.

How often does my insurance company need updates of my jewelry appraisal?
Insurance companies recommend updating appraisals every 5 years. In view of recent increases in diamond, gem stone, and precious metals, though, it is probably safe to say items appraised over 2 years ago are probably under-valued.

Is World Gemological Services a buyer of fine jewelry, diamonds, gem stones or watches?
No. Instead we utilize a number of different price monitoring systems, examining both historical and transactional prices, to determine an appraised item’s value.

Does World Gemological Services offer other services?
We can customize our services based on your needs. Gemological consulting, purchase decision support and many other services are available. For info, please call (949) 646-7004 or email.

How long do I have to deliver an appraisal to an insurer?
From the date of completion on the appraisal you typically have thirty (30) days before your insurer may require an updated appraisal. Please check with your agent.

Is there a fee to get an appraisal updated?
There is an additional fee to update your appraisal at a later date. Appraisals must reflect market conditions on the date completed.

What qualifies our appraisers to do appraisals?
Everyone of our appraisers are GIA Graduate Gemologists with many years of experience appraising.

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